35mmers Collective is an internationally known film photography collective that carefully curates submissions from passionate creatives and showcases them online to a wider and likeminded audience.

I came up with a logo that represented the ethos of the collective which was “we dream of adventure, we live for creativity, we dare to inspire others”. Being an active advocate for adventure, creativity and escapism, I produced a compass style graphic that evoked feelings of wanderlust with a hint of midwestern character and vagabond charm. It was also designed in a circular ‘badge’ format, something I was keen to incorporate as forming community with achievement tokens/badges (not unlike the Girl Guides) was the intended direction of the organisation.

The logo was used to create a breadth of mailable items including vinyl stickers, postcards and a rubber ink stamp to easily brand envelopes and other paper goods.


"our logo has paved the way for our brand. we love it's simplicity and timelessness. We believe that's what makes a great logo and are super happy with the final insignia."

35mmers collective