Claire Latchem,

A multi-disciplinary creative from Bristol that goes by the pseudonym, Superfex.


I started Superfex in the winter of 2005 and since then have worked on various projects that utilise a multitude of skillsets. In that time my style has evolved tenfold, therefore my abilities as an artist are appropriately diverse.

I also work full-time as Graphic Designer for a Marketing Agency where I specialise in Branding and Web Design.

I'm a major advocate of the outdoors and whole-heartedly believe in exploring your own backyard. We have fifteen national parks in the United Kingdom alone and I think that's pretty neat!


I'm a visual storyteller and describe my work as dark, evocative and genuine. Whether it's design work or photography, I approach both with the same tenacity and passion.

I adore creating meaningful and engaging brand identities for established independent businesses and start-ups. 

So if you're in need of a new brand identity, imagery for your next ad campaign, imaginative product shots or simply want to up your social media game, shoot me a message.