Introducing The New Superfex Website

Well hello there! I’m so pleased you’ve come all this way to see what’s been created over here.

This website has been a labour of love for the past couple of months so I’m super stoked to finally have it up and running. There’s probably still a few snags here and there that need ironing out so bear with me on those but feel free to take a look around.


Those who are familiar with the history of Superfex will know that my artistic style has come a long way in the last few years and I felt it was time to create a platform that really embodied my vision, personality and skill set. Where I used to be known mostly for my illustrative creations, I wanted to communicate a portfolio that was a culmination of my skill as an illustrator, designer and photographer.


On top of that I wanted to have a blog that ran alongside the portfolio that would allow my audience to delve a little deeper into the world of Superfex should they wish to do so.

Sometimes an experience is worth sharing and a single Instagram post or tweet wouldn’t do it justice. I also like to write from time to time, share knowledge, creatively experiment and all that good stuff!


The observant among you may have also noticed that as well as this website, I have a fresh new logo too.

There's a separate blog post about that so if that sparks your interest, please take a look.