2019 : New Year, New Goals

Is it just me or does January always feel like a bit of a month-long hangover from the previous year? Now I know it's almost February and part of me feels like it's too late to post this, that I've missed the boat, but here it is.

As I march headlong into this bright and shiny new year, I want to leave the trials and tribulations of 2018 behind me and focus purely on a more optimistic future ahead. The world is not out to get me and to go through life with that kind of mentality would be a damn shame. Every single one of us is fighting a battle of our own every day and we can either let it consume us or stay strong and soldier on.


So herein set forth my intentions for 2019:

  • I intend to go on surfing trips as often as possible this year including one with my family and one with my girls. Surfing brings me so much joy and that's largely the reason I started Mowka Supply Co. I want it to develop into a community of like-minded folk who love the water as much as I do.

  • I intend to buy a house/flat/apartment with Dan this year. A huge step that we're super excited about. I'm looking forward to improving a house that we actually own and not just putting our hard-earned cash in someone else's pocket.

  • I intend to take my Mum on more day trips and visit my family in Swansea as much as possible.

  • I intend to embrace change and act with courage.

  • I intend to be more confident and resilient.

  • I intend to read plenty of books in my cosy reading nook.

  • I intend to launch Mowka Supply Co. this spring.

  • I intend to go paddleboarding more often and try climbing.

  • I intend to visit both the Peak and Lake Districts.

  • I intend to look after my own health more this year.

  • I intend to cook more homemade meals.

  • I intend to pay off my credit card.

  • I intend to do more for others.

  • I intend to blog more!

That's it! No long-winded blog post here. Just a concise list of my goals, written down and published for all to see. Forever acting as a guidepost for the actions I take and decisions I make going forward.

I welcome this year with open arms. I'm going to give it my best shot, to dive right in. There is always space to learn, space to grow. None of us is perfect but we can always strive to be better people. I can't wait to see what intentions pan out or if there are any new additions by the end of 2019.

Have a great year everyone!